Open Data

You can view and download our treaties information database in CSV format on this link. You may use this dataset for both commercial and non-commercial purposes in accordance with the Open Government Licence. The remainder of this page provides a technical explanation of the content and structure of our Duwaly CSV dataset.

Dataset Name: Treaties ratified by royal decree
Description: Treaties are international agreements that Oman signs with other countries and international organisations. This dataset contains the titles of all treaties that have been ratified by royal decree, the royal decree number, the date of signature, the date of ratification, a classification of the treaty (bilateral or multilateral).
Update frequency: Monthly
Source: MJLA Directorate of Treaties
Period: January 1974 to October 2020

Treaty Code: A sequence number to identify the treaty. This number is made up of the royal decree number plus a sequential letter start from A from each treaty ratified by the same royal decree.
Royal Decree: The number of the royal decree that ratifies the treaty. This number must be inserted in this format: YYYY-NNNN (Example: 2020-0001). 
Arabic Title: The name of the treaty in Arabic.
English Title: The name of the treaty in English. 
Ratification Date: The date on which the royal decree ratifying the treaty was issued. 
Signing Date: The date on which the treaty was signed. This only applies to some treaties. 
Type: The type of the treaty. This value can either be Bilateral, Open Multilateral (open for any country to join), or Closed Multilateral (open only for a group of country to join). 
Country Code: The ISO 3166-1 three letter code for the other country. This field is applicable only to bilateral treaties.